Oprah Winfrey is under fire for 3 different situations

Our beloved Billionaire and sister Oprah Winfrey, who has done so much good for people on her way to the status she’s at now has some scrutiny that she’s under and will eventually have to fix.

The first issue is with a book that she recommended to her viewers, according to Variety.com that she is now being asked to recant her views and recommendations on the book because of it’s content that seems to have had misleading information about American borders and the racial mental pictures being drawn about how people are treated trying to come into the U.S..

In short, it’s a book, its clearly a good read and good enough for Oprah to take notice and futher produce a movie behind the book. A spokes person from Oprah’s camp says that with realizing that the root isn’t because of the book being a bad read but because people feel like they didn’t like some of the content. Basically, Oprah’s saying that’s y’all problem because it’s a book, who are you to tell someone how to write their book? The show must go on and we start filming in February to be released in March and will be going to the border for filming. For more information on that go to:

However, on the other hand. Oprah is also under fire for the documentary titled ” On the record” that was targeting the godfather of Hiphop Russell Simmons and the sexual assault allegations that were being made against him. Oprah recieved much much down sided media attention behind that simply because her good freind, Harvey Weinstein, who is also the same scrutiny if not worse than Simmons, but she never lifted a finger to say anything about him at all. As of a matter of fact she also targeted Michael Jackson and was behind the infamous R.Kelly interview with her good freind Grace.

All of those combined didn’t look to good for her. Weather they were wrong or right, it seemed the energy being put behind these stories on her behalf was kind of unsettling to black community. Why them and NOT Weinstein?

Anyway, after Simmons confronted Winfrey both on and off the grid, Oprah decided to not move forward with the documentary. However, it wasn’t due to any pressure but it was due to inconsistencies in the accusations against Russell Simmons that the film didn’t address. So his will be the second movie or cancellation that Oprah has had with her Apple TV deal. For more info on that go to.

Now the last beef that Oprah has been called out on is one that’s actually been going on for a while now and that’s the one between her and famed comedian Monique. Monique has had a beef with Oprah because she felt Oprah had blackballed her to some extent or has something to do with her not being able to excel even more with her career.

This came about when Monique went on a rant because she felt like she wasn’t being treated fairly because of a $500k dollar amount offered to her by Netflix wasn’t enough for her to do a Netflix special. Monique went on a rant and she lashed out against Tyler Perry, Netflix and Oprah looking for their support but to no avail.

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