“RISKY BIZNESS” Entertainment is about to make the “Earthquake” and maintain a “Pretti Emage” while doing it!

The Risky Bizness Entertainment record label is based out of Tampa, Florida and boasts a roster of amazing talent that is constantly on their grind and it’s all being spearheaded by the amazing Alfonsa Riley.

With artist, singer, songwriter and performer “Kakra Jay Songs” from Nigeria. Then also under the Risky Bizness umbrella, you have the sexy songstress named “SHAADO SESSION” who gives off that raunchy, sexy vibe and has recently dropped a single, with a self explanatory title “Horny”. If that’s not enough, let’s talk about the female hip-hop rap group “Pretti Emage”!

Pretti Emage is a sister tandem Jaleesha “Mizz Attitude” Riley aka Queen Jayy and Zayah “Babay Girl”Riley hailing from Tampa,Florida that have a slew of energetic records. Upbeat, lyrical and straight to the point! They’ve been hitting the floor running ever since their latest releases one titled “Truth Be Told” and the other one titled “Earthquake” that was produced by Wic Jones and is currently being classified as a certified “Twerk” record. With hard work and dedication these young ladies have been able to grace the stages with elite acts like The Ying Yang Twins, Dru Hill, K Michelle, Lloyd and legendary the RNB group Jagged Edge!

Every time you turn around, Pretti Emage is popping up, showing out and performing on some big stage and respectfully bringing that lyrical and raw, Hip-Hop-Pop sound! Their stage performances display fearless, high energy and well choreographed dance moves to a T! Florida be on the look out for Risky Bizness and Pretti Emage!

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