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Singer R. Kelly found guilty on charges faces life in prison.

We cannot turn our backs on certain things regardless of race, especially when it come to our children and more over our daughters. An

RIP Actor Michael K. Williams passes away.

A t the end of the day death is the inevitable let’s be clear but even with knowing that I think the shock value

In Times like These, Good Health is what We Need..

Being healthy is and always has been a “life style” to many prior to the Pandemic but since one of the worst years ever


Kobe and Gianna "Gigi" Bryant bonding at one of her basketball events

Legendary music Executive Andre Harell passes away
Legendary Andre Harell


The Vyer Network moving to be the next Netflix on steroids!

If we, as a people, would’ve understood Bit Coin some 10 – 15 years ago we would probably be reading


  • "LIKE OH"

    RnB songstress DEDE Sharon releases her debut single: "Like OH" read about it and peep the video!

  • It's a Dirti job but somebody got to do it!

    Dirti Diana

    Dirti Diana doing big tings!! It's a Dirti Job but somebody's gotta do it!

    Know More
  • RNB.morgan is making waves with the his release Str8 Jacket


    B.MORGAN releases new single Str8 Jacket

    Know More

    RnB singer Tra'Kyng releases new single "TITLES"

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