UNCHECKED?! You can’t count me out…

“Unchecked” is that Raw, uncut, underground sound that is a one hundred percent relatable vibe! This record is directed directly to the non-believers of the believers. “Unchecked” is recently released track by upcoming underground artist “KnoWTe” ( respelling :NOTE) Hailing from New Hampshire by way of Jersey City, KnoWTe’s raspy vocals and lyricism speaks for the underdog with a believable passion and conviction. KnoWTe’s sound is that hip-hop with major hints of aggressive rock with a message attached!

The great thing about this artist is that he’s able to tap into relatable pain and voids that may need to be addressed within himself but there is no blame on society as hectic as society is today. He’s stands on his journey about community, growth and uplifting others.

KnoWTe has recently graduated from the University of Hartford (Connecticut) with a degree in Audio Engineering Technology. KnoWTe’s has also opened up for artist like Dave East and gets some of his inspirations from Joyner Lucas, Linkin Park to name a few.

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