Gervanta Davis turns himself in to the Police

Up an coming boxer under the Mayweather brand Gervanta Davis gets into a public altercation at an event with the mother of his child. Gervanta Davis was caught on camera what looks like him aggressively snatching up his child’s mother while being escorted out the event.

Gervanta Davis turns himself in to police after physical altercation with

That’s not all though. Gervanta also has sevral other charges pending against him along with a lawsuit for purchasing jewelry with a fake check.

The question is: Why? Why do we get in position to be GREAT and mess things up by doing stuff like this? Why would he have to purchase jewelry with a fake check? Where does the common sense go once we get into position? We’ve seen this so many times over and over again with our people. Just hoping that he has good people guiding after all of this and will assist in a change in his mind set that would allow him to focus on becoming great.

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