Vina Love … She got it.. She’ll be “ALL AROUND YOU” before you know it…

It was a Tuesday night at the “The Dean NYC” located at 214 W 39th street New York, New York and the event spearheaded by none other than Craig Pr and team! The featured Princes of Harlem is none other than upcoming R&B- Pop star artist Vina Love!

Moments before her chariot arrived for her well organized release event, the club was already packed and her fans anticipating her arrival. The audience was already studded with influencers and media outlets with their cameras on deck! Also in the building was Harlem rap artist Furgi Baby, K-Goddess and Vinas dad who was right by her side.

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“The reason why I’m enjoying everyone getting a little versatility from me is because, when we drop the tape that’s what it’s full of, a bunch of versatility. I never want to be put in a box or a lane, so I’m just preparing people and revving them up for who I really am and what I’m about to do in the industry

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However, it was when she hit that threshold of the club door that triggered all the lights, camera and action with all eyes on her as she’s escorted by Craig Martin PR, Your Plugs Favorite , Tuesday Detention with the rest of her in team leading the way making sure she reached her respected area where her perfect night began!

Just before her performance , Vina was given a letter of recognition by the New York City Mayor’s office. The letter was read aloud to the audience by @ivylikeblu and signed by Mayor Adams himself! The letter not only acknowledges her talents but also recognizes her community involvement and ultimately deems her The Princess of Harlem New York!

She then proceeds to go up on stage to accept her letter and follows up by blessing her audience with a 2 song performance and absolutely kills it!

(Watch some of her performance here >> )

You can see the excitement on her face and the constant praising she gave her team as well as her supporters that came through to support her special night. A custom made event and positively memorable night that went as perfect as perfect can get! Vina Love is a class act and accepted all her love with style and grace. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store!

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