Nikki throws a curve ball at Meek Mill… this one different.

As of recent, former power couple Meek Mill and Nikki Minaj and her husband were ran into each other in a jewelry where an argument breaks out between them all. This argument comes from a record by Meek Mill that Houston Rockets basketball star Harding listened to some bars from Meek Mill that seemed as if Meek was taking shots at Minaj’s husband. That went viral.

Although its said Meek has been sending lite shots at Minaj’s husband on social media and in records and if you let Nikki tell it, he’s been going at her husband for about a year now.

Here’s the thing: Both take to social media media going back and forth with each other and that’s when things went “left”. Meek accused Nikki of knowing about the rape situation that her brother is in, and about the $20 million dollars that was demanded from the childs parents to make the charges go away… allegedly. But Nikki claps back with a scenario of her own. However, let’s hope that it’s not true but the accusations say that Meek Mill beat his sister up and taped it also kicked her (Nikki) in front of his mother causing his mother to go to the hospital.

Let’s all hope that Nikki is being a genius troller with coming up with that story in such a short span of time. Let’s really hope that Meek does go on interviews and or make a big statement to clear up the accusations. Let’s also really help that that footage is nowhere and doesn’t accidentally leak. Let’s not hope that any of those allegations are true, because if they are, that’s an entirely different vibe for Meek especially the position that he’s in at the moment. I think people go through things all the time. We’ve seen and heard some stories but when it comes to a Mother and a man putting his hands on his mother? His message needs to be super clear moving forward. This could be a tricky one for Meek.

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