As super hip-hop rap star  Kendrick Lamar makes a re-entry after 2 years it seems like he just kind of stood back a little to see what happens, button his re-entry seems like he’s not playing any games. His first single “HEART part 4” that seemed to be taking shots at BIG SEAN and none other than DRAKE himself.  With bars like “I would have all your fans if I didn’t go pop and stayed on some conscious shit” OR ” I can dig rappin’ but a rapper with ghost writer? what the fuck happened? (oh no) I swore I wouldn’t tell but some of sharing bars like y’all got the bottom bunk in a two man cell” !

With Big Sean being one of the hottest rappers at this point and Drake being the biggest rapper/pop star or whatever Kendrick is far far far from a slouch in any facet and it’s going to be interesting to see how things play out.. Oh yeah, in the HEART 4, Kendrick also mentioned April 7th when his album is gonna drop.. #problems HMWW


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