WHY you mad SON?!!







Ever since the break up of MEEK MILL and NIKKI MINAJ seems like LA rapper and former member of G-UNIT ” GAME” has chimed in saying that he doesn’t agree with MEEK MILLS stance on the whole REMI MARTIN and NIKKI beef thats’ going on. According to reports the Game recently rants that the Philli rapper (Meek Mill) is ungrateful for the things that NIKKI has done for him by “giving him life” and “buying things for him that he couldn’t afford”. However, one must ask, how do we know if Meek couldn’t afford what she bought him? Why does it matter actually why does Game even care? Kind of makes you wonder if Game ever cheated on his ex-wife or if she bought him anything for him .. then he still cheated. Why? Was it because it wasn’t as expensive as what Nikki bought for Meek? Or Game looking for attention? Orrrr? Idk .. What ya’ll think? comment below and share.. #HMWW

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