AS YOU CAN SEE the beautiful smile on DESTINY MARTINE’s aka DESTINY MOORE face is because she has every reason to be happy! The 9 year veteran urban model has finally reached ONE of her goal and her skin care line MOORE is starting to take off! Who is she you ask?! Good question!

A brief look into Destiny’s history reflects that she’s graced some of the top urban magazine COVERS like the legendary DJ KaySlay endorsed Straight Stuntin Magazine, SHY GIRL magazine, Blackmen Magazine and the Dynasty Series magazine that garnered her a great following. Her accomplishments while modeling, allowed her to rub elbows with the likes of legendary hip hop rappers and  such as NAS and super star entertainers like DRAKE  to name a couple. Although those experiences were “cool”, today, Destiny’s focus is more on family and furthering the MOORE Skin Care brand. The reason why she’s in the $ix digits now is simply because the product works!

” As we all know, in the modeling profession there are a lot of make-up applications that can go into a photoshoot, so it’s very important that we take care of our skin, whether you’re a model or not”.

“The CC cream is my best seller because it corrects the tone of the skin and brightens it as well. I believe it sells this good because of the immediate results and hydration that comes along with all the other immediate benefits of it’s usage.”

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The other great sellers are the MOORE OIL CLEANSER. The particular oil cleanser contains JOJOBA OIL, SAFFLOWER and OLIVE OIL along with VITAMIN E.

“I like this the best because again, make-up can be heavy and clog pores on the skin but this cleanser removes impurities and most importantly doesn’t strip the skin. It actually gives a nice milky lather when applied with water, cleans effectively, keeps the skin hydrated and the results are instant”. Another great seller is the MOORE– CLEANSING WATER. This application doesn’t require any rinsing either. This contains natural licorice extract, salmons seal and cypress nut that in combination allows maintenance micro circulation of the face and neck thus leading to an even and toned complexion.

The quality alone of the MOORE skin care brand products has allowed Destiny to take the show on the road. She’s been hosting “pop-up shops” in-between PA and all over NY city. Business owners loved it and even suggested that the MOORE brand, not be sold in stores but to be exclusively sold to professional make-up artist, salons and private businesses instead.

“I don’t know ladies! I think I just found out my wife’s Christmas gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift and anything in-between.. Get it out the way!” #WHYNOT #MOORE

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