THIS DUDE BENZINO SMH… A picture is worth 1000 words

Reality star from Love and Hip Hop and co-owner of Hip Hop Weekly BENZINO has littereally been caught with his pants down. Unfortunately the person (female) that wrote the passage can’t really spell or just needs to take classes or something but! She doesn’t have to.. A picture is worth 1000 words. However, in this case I’m speechless.. Read on my fellow readers read on.. Apparently Benzino’s “side chick” @MXSSMALAYLA ” has had enough and has chosen to take it to the internet! I guess in an attempt to notify Benzinos wife that she’s been with him since 2015 and he has been lying to her (his wife) about his where about’s. Saying things like “remember when he was saying he wasn’t coming home from LA? Well he was flying ME out instead“. She also went on to say that she saw text of him telling his wife that he (Benzino) hasn’t been with anyone else blah blah blah but then Benzino tells her (@MXSSMALAYLA) that HIS WIFE’s “box” was trash and musty sometimes.. Unfortunately for Benzino, she (@MXSSMALAYLA) has pics to prove her arguments and it looks like he was also aware that camera was set up looking at the pic..  SMH . Now what?  

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