Wait.. Biggie Smalls was killed by a west coast cat.. but the order came from HARLEM NY?!!!

According to WHACK 100, who is the west coast rapper’s THE GAME’s manager speaks on the fact to Funk Flex. Recently, Funk Flex goes on a rant about the late great rapper 2Pac about 2pac legacy not being what people think it was. So, Whack 100 who has been very vocal as of late in the hip-hop culture however, I wouldn’t say he “checks” Flex but more like updates him on some other information that could shake the industry and maybe even beyond.. Smh.. Whack, goes on to reveal that yes BIGGIE SMALLS was killed by a west coast gang member but the “hit” was paid for by a very well known HARLEM cat!? 1) Why come out with this now? (2) WTF???!!! (3) Why would he put that out there like that? look, listen, and share!!

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