Funk FLEx under fire!

As of late it’s gone viral since legendary DJ and Bronx native Funk Master Flex has weighed in on the Tupac Shakaur murder as he (FLEX) goes on a rant about Tupac allegedly lying about  Biggie Smalls setting him up the night Tupac was shot 5 times coming out of QUAD STUDIOS during a robbery attempt made on his chain. However, Funk Flex alleges that Tupac Shakaur actually shot himself once and that’s when things escalated into Tupac getting shot the other 4 times. Flex also got emotional behind his statements because he felt like that’s the reason why Biggie got killed but there is a twist to all of this!

Some argue with Flex and wondering why he’s bringing this up some 20 years later. However, If he’s not lying..? That’s not the end of it after you watch this refer to WACK 100’s reply to what Flex had to say! There is a twist to all of this!