The Iconic and Legendary Rapper/ Entertainer Biz Mark passes at 57

The 80’s and 90s era is the absolute foundation of what we call HipHop. With greats like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Just Ice and many others but one could never deny the impact of those Greats had on the culture upon arrival. This was still a competitive era of battle rapping and who has the best lyrics and dressed the best similar to what happens today in Hip Hop culture. However, what made Biz the Icon that he will always be dead or alive was his approach to the game.

Biz brought comedy to Hip Hop. He brought laughter, storytelling, beat boxing, costumes and fun to an otherwise competitive sport in hip hop. With records like, The Vapers & Just A Friend that have stood the test of time, immediatly seperated him from the rest, acknowleding his lane and with that gave us great entertaining big brother vibes and we loved him for doing it. Biz Markie will be missed and loved never forgotten.. R.I.P

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