In Times like These, Good Health is what We Need..

Being healthy is and always has been a “life style” to many prior to the Pandemic but since one of the worst years ever recorded in the Worlds most recent history in 2020 that has ultimately claimed hundreds of thousands of lives globally, sending a clear message that being healthy is a necessity!

The weirdest thing is, even though so much was lost especially when it comes to losing a loved one(s) a lot of clear “Truth” to a bunch of False narratives were set out and a vast majority of people ended up tapping into themselves and quickly utilizing their truths and were able to turn tragedy into triumph. From the George Floyd incident, to figuring out the true position that “Mainstream Media” plays in most of this madness going on today but even more importantly, the truths about OUR HEALTH as a people. Although

It became a time not only to survive but a time to live. But How do we live? The answer is with self awareness and self preservation. Not only do we take care of our bodies on the inside but on the outside as well!

This is where KRĒM (CREAM) comes in. KRĒM is the synonym to Cream and is an all natural full body moisturizer made with Shae Butter, Coconut, Lemon, Avocado and other natural ingredients that keep the body soothed and moisturized throughout your busy day! The application of the KRĒM cream to ones hands or body is very smooth and what seems to be oily but isn’t, as of a matter of fact, once you apply it, it immediately begins to work it’s natural magic and once absorbed into the skin, the shine and texture are automatic and the application is all being done with no clumps or hard to menuver lotion like vibes and to top it all off the currently available Lemon, Vanilla or Grape scents are amazing!

However, you can find out for yourself about this special product by visiting the website:

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