Sound House Studios in NYC.. is the place to Be.. Period..

The Sound House Studio, located in lower Manhattan is quickly becoming the talk of New York City not only because the space boasts a 10th floor, A&B studio, high rise experience! Speaking of “high rise”, Sound House Studios are majorly dope because of the 3 section rooftop access that allows that amazing 4’20 experience and the space being able to hold up to 40-60 people comfortably.

However, when it comes to the entire vibe of Sound House Studios, recording is just a small portion of the complete experience! Just sitting in the environment, your’e liable to run into your favorite artist, Music executive or just have a conversation with some of the coolest verified influencers from around the city.

Even the “Night Life” is popping! poppin! poppin! This is where you will find and see some of the hottest up and coming acts in New York City come to perform and show their stuff! and NO! This is not a Karaoke night either, the performances are done by the “buzzing” and top up and coming artists in the City that bring that heat and have the place jumping! If you ever have the chance to get out and come through Sound House Studios you will not be disappointed!

To book your slot times for either your recording experience or for your next EXCLUSIVE event go to

@soundhousenyc / @hoodmedianyc_ / @young.atlas ( On IG )

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