Artist PnB Rock shot and killed in broad day light

Philly native PnB Rock was shot and killed in broad daylight at a Roscos Chicken and Waffle eatery in LA. Story has it that his childs mom posted their location while they were out eating and according to reports it was said that the assailants were at the scene in just 40 minutes once his lady posted their location and the robbery gone wrong took place.

On an earlier interview between PnB Rock and famed podcaster DJ Akademics, PnB Rock stated he was almost robbed by another time while eating in LA but was able to read the situation early and get up out of there but this time to no avail. When will it stop?! You can’t be mad at rappers or anyone for not wanting to give up their jewelry and hard earned things! however, If you keep letting people take your possessions you become a victim and it’s a lose lose situation.. Is it worth it?

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