QC and Migos finally settle their Differences

As of late, the famed QC label that carried big names like Cardi B, Lil baby and the Migos were in a bit of a turmoil for a stint. It was believed that QC (Coach K and P the founders) were having issues with the super rap group “The Migos” over money when 1/3rd of the groups member Off-Set took to his social media to call out the label behind potential money issues between the group and the label. However, at that time, it seemed as if Lil Baby was starting to take off and much of the attention was going towards him and it just so happened that Lil Baby and Off-Set had an issue with each other that lead to rumors of Off-Set getting into some sort of “beef” with Lil Baby.

Now all is settled between the team and things seem to be looking up and forward for now which is a good thing. Hopefully more great music and entertainment to come from the super label. Press play on the @JordanTower video for more in depth info!

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