Rihanna under fire/ Kooda B has to turn himself back into Prison..

Entertainer, singer, entrepreneur founder of her cosmetic line “FENTI” Rihanna is currently under fire by the Muslim community for using a song with the Arabic in it to promote her brand and for some reason the Muslim community took offense to it that warranted an apology from Rihanna. A completely innocent “mistake” on her behalf. The thing with that is the entire situation was taken to far. So far that the Muslim community were trying to cancel her all together! do you think that sensitivity is being taken a bit to far? Aren’t there other countries that will kill someone for “going against the grain” to a countries ideologies? Are we headed in that same direction as a country? Why would a predominately Black religion want to try and “cancel” their “sister”?

Kooda B, a friend of rapper, entertainer and “master troller” among other things Tekashi 69 was sent back to jail for not social distancing? How so? Here’s the thing: Kooda B was released from jail due to covid-19 conditions at the time of sentencing. So, his involvement with the whole 69 / Treway deal wasn’t over it was just resting until the pandemic got under control. However, and unfortunately, Kooda B as caught having a party, at his home (ON VIDEO) and was turned in to “whomever” and now he has to turn himself in to start his time. Some will say “that’s messed up” BUT! the fact is he was let out to prevent himself from catching the virus but seeing how it doesn’t matter to him why should it matter to them? There you have it.

Press play on the video by @jordantower for more in depth info!

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