Nick Cannon releases 2nd dis track against Eminem

If you’re in the music culture then you would know that Eminem and singer Mariah Carey have been feuding for years. All of this started from Eminem making accusations of him “sleeping” with Mariah Carey which made big news at the time due to where both her and Eminem’s careers were.

Mariah would actually clap back at Eminem via her 2009 release titled: Obsessed. Here’s the thing, all the while, Mariah is married to Entrepreneur/ Mogul and founder of his MTV hit show “Wildin Out”. Throughout the course of the battle, Eminem mentions Nick Cannons name in sevral of his records throwing shots at the pair.

At one point, Nick Cannon invites Eminem to a pay per view boxing match to settle things but Eminem takes the back seat to the “invite ” and futher expresses that “it was just a record” and didn’t think Cannon would’ve taken things the way that he did. This coming from an interview on the Tim Westwood platform.

Fast forward 10 years later. Here we are .. again. Nick Cannon goes on the T.I. platform “Expeditiously” and they too have a conversation about it. However, it was basically T.I. telling Cannon to NOT respond to an Eminem or go after an Eminem but that seems like it clearly went in one ear and out the

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