Oprah goes after Russel Simons for sexual allegations

First R.Kelly and now this. The difference between the R.Kelly allegations and now Russel Simmons allegations are that Oprah Winfrey is behind this one.

Russell Simmons, a Pioneer and considered to be the godfather of HIP HOP and co- founder of one the most successful record labels ever in Def Jam.

Some years ago, when the “Me Too” movement was in the early stages of unveiling a bunch of Hollywood sex scandals and behind the scene “antics” Russell Simmons name happened to pop among the madness.

Once things started to surface, he quickly resigned from business posts and went under the radar. All was well, the heat came and seemed to have blown over for him. Now some 2-3 years later, troubled waters resurface for the Mogul but this time doesn’t look like it’s going to be so easy to go into hiding.

According to reports, Billionaire Oprah Winfrey is spearheading a documentary that targets Russell Simmons and his alleged sexual acts. However, there has been some backlash that has come towards Oprah. Mogul 50 Cent has chimed in saying that it seems like Oprah and friends seem to go after men of color like Michael Jackson the R.Kelly interview through her friend Gales platform and now her attention is pointing toward Simmons. Meanwhile her “white colleagues ” Harvey Weinstein who is currently in court battling multiple sex charges against him but she never said a word about him.

We don’t Condone any rape, woman abuse of any sort, discrimination or anything. We just dont understand why she feels compelled to Simmons after he has taken 9 lie detector test that he’s passed.

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