Check in!! Tap in!! Do what you must but, just be there for the super talented influencer, comedian and artist @realkittykitty who is taking New York City by storm! Going by the moniker Kitty Gata, Kitty has been not only been known for her impeccable MC skills but more so for her funny skits that she plays alongside some other heavy-hitting comedic instagram influencers such as @DANIELJEAN56 and the very funny and creative @KENSTARRRZ!!

Kitty gives off that raw idgf New York attitude in her skits and finds herself acting in what most wild, crazy but hillarious situations what we would typically call “toxic relationships”. Her chemistry is so in tuned that some of this stuff looks all to real! The beautiful and talented Kitty Gata is definitely on her way to where ever she’s trying to reach in her colorful career and we are all rooting for her!

Kitty Gata is set to perform Thursday, January 20th, 2022 at the TAJ Lounge located on 48th West 21st Street New York, New York. Doors open at 8pm sharp!! You can follow Kitty Gata @realkittykitty

Special S/O to @young.atlas