Rapper BOONK GANG hospitalized after being shot 2x.

Rapper BOONK GANG shot twice

BOONK GANG a Florida based rapper has been shot 2x about a day or so ago. The reasons on why he was shot aren’t clear yet according to reports. The thing is, BOONK GANG’S tactics are SIMILAR to rapper TEKASHI69 in terms of trolling or doing stupid things to gain attention. We honestly don’t know which one is worse between the two but we at least know TEKASHI69 does have some sort of head on his shoulders and he’s not as stupid as people think.

However, BOONK GANG is one that will go into an establishment and wreck the place while recording himself doing it. Or get a haircut and then run out of the chair without paying for it. Or, will go to a car dealer and jump in a car and pull off with it. Just stupid things like that to gain attention.

With that said, a lot of bloggers and different platforms DON’T support that kind of stupidness at all. So recently, according to reports his IG account was shut down because of him getting “head” on a live feed thus causing him to go to IG jail and also lose over 5million followers. His alleged drug addiction has potentially gotten the best of him at this point. He did post (somewhere on social media) “Got hit twice but I’m solid.” Let’s hope the young brother gets himself together, learns from this situation and makes some changes. Life is to short.. #hoodmedaiNYC