50 cent hit with defamation Lawsuit from HIP-HOP DX

According to reports, a major  hip-hop platform HIP-HOP DX is suing famed rapper, actor and mogul 50 cent for $3milli for labeling them (HIP-HOP DX) as being “fake news“. The report says that 50 cent took his social media platform of millions of followers and labeled them as a “bogus news platform that doesn’t check it’s facts”. Immediately, 50 cent removed his post but HIP-HOP DX was on it and is now filing suit for such action. After it’s all said and done, 50 cent has to now go into court and prove to the courts that what HIP-HOP DX was saying about 50 cent were all lies. This entire ordeal came about with the 50 cent catch phrase of “GET THE STRAP”and 50 having rights to it… or not.. The claim was made in late June of 2018.

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