First woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with big records like “RESPECT” and “Natural Woman” along  with 73 other hits landing her on the Billboards top 100. The Queen of Soul Aretha was even featured in several classic movies. Her music transcended for generations. Aretha Franklin dies at age 76.

She sang at the funeral of the beloved Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. after his assassination in 1968. She also sang at the Presidents inauguration for both Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama. She also received the “Presidential Medal of Freedom” in 2005 and a epic performance that she did for the Pope in 2015… Aretha Franklin sang for us all…

She’s even had a strong influence on the hip hop culture, where artist such as  Mary J.Bleige, Mos Def, Dr.Dre, OutKast, Camron and many other great artist have sampled her music.

When you think of accomplished and loved…A GEM to say the least in sister Aretha Franklin. She’s served her purpose with us for us. She will always be missed and loved. She is part of the soundtrack in ALL of our lives. 3 of her songs remain in the iTunes top 100 including Natural Woman.