NICKI MINAJ agrees to lie detector test given by MAURY POVICH!

According to reports, Famed and legendary rapper  Nicki Minaj has agreed to taking a lie detector test given by television host Maury Povich in order to assist in some sort of closer to the Nicki Minaj and famed rapper/entertainer Cardi B  feud that’s been going on. The whole beef has been brewing for a while but it got out of hand when Cardi actually mad an attempt to hit Nicki at the Gala event. Once that incident happened, pictures surfaced of Cardi B with bruises on her forehead. Stories surfaced that the bruise were put there by Nicki Minaj  security, but now another story has surfaced that it was actually Rah-ali (a Nicki Minaj affiliate) was the one that actually put the bruises on Cardi B. 

There were also allegations that Nicki Minaj was the one that released Cardi B’s phone number to the public in which Nicki Minaj heavily denies all allegations on her #queenBradio platform, however,  Nicki offered to pay $100k to Cardi B if she would take a lie detector test proving that the allegations that were made on the #queenBradio were actually true. Peep the video for more in depth info: