Yella Beezy Alleged raping a woman on first date.

Unfortunately, when your’e in the “public eye” these type of situations are around and waiting. However, on the other hand, when you know you’re in the public eye these type of things are bound to happen. We’re starting to see these situations more and more. In this case and at this point, all of the alleged charges have been filed and Yella Beezy is now in hot water for an alleged rape charge filed by a young lady that says that she and Beezy have been corresponding for a little while. Eventually they met, went out to eat. When arrival at the room, they played cards etc according to reports. He then removed his shirt and asked for a massage. According to reports, once the massage was done is when Beezy tried to make his move by trying to forcibly kiss her and ultimately penetrate her. She was able to get away and reported to the police added fuel to flame, Beezy also has prior warrants for child endangerment and other misdemeanor gun possession situations. Beezy looking at 25 years. Tap in with the video from Lionel B.

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