It’s a Dirti job but somebody got to do it!

And She does it well! We’re speaking about the one and only Bronx bread, one of hip-hop’s Queens and a definite femcee Dirti Diana!

From collaborations with artist like Drag-On from the Legendary Hip-Hop and motorcycle Group The Ruff Riders, to being played on New York’s own Hot.97 FM but to even further those accolades, she received blessings from 2 G.O.A.T.S in hip-hop, one being Busta- Rhyme and a very recent video co-sign by the G.O.A.T himself DMX on her latest single called “SELF MADE” that features artist EURO GOTIT. The record is a smash and it’s what we like to call a “FOREVER RECORD”, meaning, It can be played anywhere, it makes you hype, it makes you feel “rich” with lots of money all while turning you into a rapper and a temporary drug dealer.. for about 4 minutes.. or when the record goes off… I’m just saying.

A very well put together record from it’s cadence done by Euro Gotit to the bars from the Queen herself Dirti Diana. We are currently in the midst of witnessing yet another emergence of a female artist from the BX, grab the torch and run with it. #DIRTIWORLD

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