Tip and Tiny has 6 more step up in sex allegations

Out of nowhwere, rapper, reality TV Show star and Mogul T.I. and Wife Tiny are in the hot seat facing some serious sexual assault allegations and to make things worse, 6 more “alleged victims” (until proven otherwise) have come forward. This doesn’t look necessarily look good for the home team at all, however, weather or not this matters but we must pose the question. Why all of this now? What could casue, all of a sudden, for T.I. and his Wife Tiny to end up in what used to be and shouldve been their “personal” bedroom activity into this extreme situation?

Here’s the thing: We are not on denial, nor are we saying that none of these allegations are not true, more so that of why. There was anoyther report that said a young lady went back 3 times to get raped? How does that work? Either way, in this video, a caller calls in to the M-WRECK TV Show platform via Youtube and gives a little insight on what could have possibly went wrong for the tandum.

Allegedly, there is an Insurance company named Lloyds of London, that was founded by a man named Edward Lloyd in 1686 that is based out of London according to Wikipedia. The company doesnt necessarily indentify with being an Insurance company. It’s reconized as being a market place for groups of corporations and private companies that share the same interests and share the same risk. Either way, T.I. goes on in a rant via IG and speaks on this company and accuses them of slavery and we as a people should seek reparations from the company. From that point it seems like things started going “left” for the Reality Show Couple. Thing is, from the sounds of it T.I. may have knew “something” was going to happen.. but what.. Welp here we go.. Peep the video from MWRECK TV

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