Waka Flocka comes forward and says that he’s broke?

Waka Flocka, son of famed entertainment executive Deb, has went on to disclose that he was “broke” during an episode of the show Waka & Tammy. However, usually people that are used to living a certain type of life style “broke” has a little differen meaning than from the broke that most people can relate to. Example, when rapper turned mogul 50 cent was going through his court woes, he openly and strategically moved money around to SAY that he was broke.. on paper.. Another type of “broke” is a person thats usually used to seeing $150 million in his account then sees $20 million.. He/ She may start to worry. To the average person, $20 million is a few dollars though. So, he may feel like hes broke.

Here’s the thing though: In an recent interview, Waka was actually talking about the positive effects that having financial literacy and learning about Credit has had on his life. Openly admitting he was ignorant to the facts of credit etc. So is the media taking things out of control? or is he really “broke”.

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