Hatian singer SASHAAA J’s single “MEZANMI” is starting to pick up steam

Jessica “SASHAAA J” Antwian is an up and coming singer representing Haiti that boasts songwriter and acting skills as well whos talent is the only thing that would supersede her work ethic.

Sashaaa is currently a resident of California in pursuit of her acting career but is no stranger when it comes to moving around the studio. As an artist, Sashaaa J tapped into her talents of singing and song writing at an early age. Now 23, if she’s not on the set of a Target commercial or some reality show, Sashaaa is in the studio recording. She released her


first record titled “Gouyad” in April of 2019 and followed up with the November 2019 release of her current single “MEZANMI” that featured her fellow Hatian singer/songwriter Rebecca Zama.

Sashaaa’s Mezanmi (which means Oh God in her native language) addresses “haters” and their agenda as she sends the message that “It’s better to just be yourself rather than to hate on another person because you can’t be them”. Meanwhile, it’s all being it’s all being presented on an uptempo, afrobeat, that forces you to bring out your best moves on the dance floor once it comes on! Peep the video!

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