Childhood superstar Orlando Brown makes accusations that him and Nick Cannon messed around?

The childhood superstar, Orlando Brown who’s acting careers resume speaks volumes. Ranging from hit Disney TV series the “That’s So Raven” show where he played along side Raven Simone. To hit series like Moesha and even to the Jamie Fox show and the list goes way longer than that. Orlando is also a talented rapper that seems to have a following and people love his music.

Unfortunately, Orlando, like so many of our talented people, has had his share of “run-in’s” with law enforcement. Charges that stem from domestic battery to drug possession.

Recently, Orlando Brown himself took to social media and announced that he let Entrepreneur and mega Nick Cannon do a sexual act to him. It still unclear as to what would bring Brown to say these things weather they’re true or not. May it have been him wanting to be on Nick Cannons “Wildin Out” show but was turned down. or maybe he just refused an offer to be on “Wildin Out” show. Either way the allegations are still there. Now as for

Nick Cannon, he immediately took to his social media and answered back denieing all allegations. However, he didn’t make terrible dis-tracks this time around but he instead offered help or asked the people who are guiding Brown to get him help. Nick also responded with appreciation for Orlando’s acting talents and wish that things were different. Peep the video by Mr. Telliafero for more in depth info on the story.

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