French Montana gets punched in face by 50 cent?.. Allegedly

As of recent, Rapper French Montana an 50 cent have been feuding via the internet as of late. The reason for the feud is because French Montana bought his first Bugatti that was the same color as a recently purchased Bugatti by 50 Cent. French takes to internet with footage of him “talking his talk” and throwing toilet paper at the camera while doing so.

Now we all know how this is going to end up. 50 Cent responded with the actual year and specs of Montana’s car. Mentioning that French’s Bugatti was over 10 years old, doesn’t have a USB port in it and only comes equipped with just a CD player.

Well the story goes a bit deeper. Story has it that French attented one of 50’s clubs but ended up getting punched in the face… allegedly.. However, French quickly goes to his SM account to show no blemishes or any sign of an assault.

French also says that 50 was in his car when the altercation took place. The video does show French being whisked away from the scene.

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