Alpo Martinez allegedly killed in Harlem?

According to reports, famed 80’s and early 90’s drug dealer turned informant Alpo Martinez was allegedly shot and killed in a drive-by shooting early this morning in Harlem. Alpo is mostly known for his legendary involvement in “street activity” and a bunch of other things. Alpo’s story isn’t a pretty one even when it comes to his associates and his so called friend in Rich Porter who was loved by many in Harlem.

The incident took place a little bit after 3:30 am on west 147th street in Harlem being hit multiple times in his chest according to reports. We’re sure there will be surveillance footage that comes out. Also according to reports from “ON SMASH.COM” Alpo has seemed to have had his guard let down but unclear if he had or didn’t have his vest on.

We will keep you updated as the case starts to open up.

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