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Tekashi 69 gets his chains back! watch the video

Several weeks ago, HOODMDIA.NYC along with other major platforms covered the story of the self proclaimed King of NY and rapper Tekashi 69 who was alleged held at gun point, kidnapped and robbed for his gold chains that was said to be worth about $750k. He (Tekashi 69) alleged that he jumped out of the kidnappers car and ran to his safety, he was then picked up by a stranger in a car who then dropped him off at a location to where he was able to admit himself into a near by hospital. All of this taken place around or about 4-5am.

However, there was no real cooperation with the police from Tekashi 69 to the point that the story he gave wasn’t totally believable. We also know that Tekashi 69 is a master troller sooo..
Ironically, around the time of his alleged robbery, he and super star rapper Nicki Minaj had their hit single that was supposed to drop shortly after his alleged incident. However, you just never know with 69. lol. Anyway, it has been announced that he has received his chains BACK from whomever from wherever but none the less Tekashi 69 looks happy to finally be connected back with his chains.. All of his chains .. It’s good to hear/see that he’s happy but what do you think is really going on? Did he really get robbed? Is his situation a bit deeper than what we know..?