Gone but not Forgotten #TORY

You know how in every hood there is that one person that is just “COOL”?! They will be loved “just because.” Well the Bronx just lost one this pass weekend by the name of Tory Acosta, a neighborhood favorite. We missed his wake due to prior engagements but Tory is one of those people with that type of positive energy that deserves to be recognized.

His personality and ora was just comfortable. He was just one of those people that you can randomly talk to and have a comfortable and entertaining conversation with. TORY was usually the shortest member in a group but always managed to stand out and stand tall. Never really heard of Tory being in no real “street beef” but was none the less a staple in the North Bronx. There was only 1 Tory.. Its just that simple..

Legendary rap group DIPSET CAPO and rapper JIM JONES expressed his sentiments in an IG post about him and how Tory impacted his life BEFORE the fame.

IG post from JIM JONES

We remember when Tory used to come to Evander Childs High school in the Bronx “to post up” just incase something was about to “pop off”. That was one of the normal parts of growing up in the North Bronx at those times looking back…Lol  The last time I saw Tory was at a movie shoot, behind the scene for an up coming movie about to hit the theaters. He also did a recent cameo appearance in Brooklyn rappers MAINO’s music video that took place on MURDOCK AVE in the Bronx. So when that video drops you’ll actually see him in the front of the pack just as we mentioned earlier in this report. However, he was always accepted with open arms into any environment.

Footage by: David Jay

According to a source that attended Tory’s services said “The place was so packed with people and so much love and support was shown that another room had to be opened to facilitate the on lookers at Tory’s wake.”

The cause of his death isn’t completely clear at this point. Hoodmedia a.k.a. the word on the street says he passed in his sleep due to a potential heart attack. At this point, there is no full confirmation on what the ACTUAL cause was nor have we seen a full autopsy report but none the less, our brother is still gone. His birthday was coming up August 21st, but passed on July 28th just days before his 46th birthday. Tory is going to be survived by his first child (daughter) that is due to be born. His child’s mother will be having the baby shower next week August 11th, 2018… smh… TORY ACOSTA  He will never be forgotten.