Dajour.. The One to Look Out For … For Sure..

He’s the Next Big Thing!! We understand that it’s cliche when you hear or see that saying, especially when it comes to a new artist emerging, however, when you know! You just know.. and it doesn’t take long to know either. Upcoming Singer, Songwriter, Studio Engineer and business person Dajour is not only penned to be the next big thing with JUST A “HOT SONG” but he’s more so in line for actually claiming his own era which is a feat that we haven’t seen in a long while especially when it comes to Hip-Hop RnB music. It’s been a while.. IJS…

Hailing from Westchester, New York, founder and owner of his Label 9 imprint Dajour is one of those artists that does everything at a high level when it comes to his music and knowing his way around the studio. Dajour, being a complete student of the game, gave us an opportunity to actually sit with him and listen to his music catalog and all that was heard was hit record after hit record and each record that we listened to was either just as good as the previous record or better! You can’t make this stuff up. Each record and when I say each record, I mean, EACH record has all of the elements that’s needed in music that you can resort to and or rely on in order to assist you through a good or a bad day.

This journey that he is about to embark on is going to be an incredible one. Especially starting out with records like “Naughty” which is a hook–verse–hook and done in under 2 minutes hit record. Then to top it all off, it’s just the beginning. You have records like “Bags” (whose title may change in the future) that introduces you to a few members of the Label 9 imprint and a record called “Letter To God” which is a rap/hip-hop record that is a bit more intimate, personal and transparent. Very well could be the record of the year.. Easily.. Dajour is the next one. When you know, You just know..

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