Cardi B has her Day in Court She Wins $4 Million in Deformation Law Suit

Famed Iconic rapper Cardi B has had her day in court winning a Deformation case that has awarded her $4 Million. The case was filed against famed YouTuber/ Vlogger Tasha.K. According to reports, this feud has been going on for about 3-4 years. Tasha.K had been sued for slander and spreading false information about Cardi B. and was asked numerous amounts of times to remove certain posts and to discontinue spreading false narratives about her but to no avail.

Tasha K could’ve completely avoided being sued, losing her appeal and all of the drama that came behind it. As according to the video, Cardi’s team put out a statement shouting out her team and the amazing job that they did in winning the case. Tasha K is currently in debt of $4 Million to Cardi B and is Allegedly moving into an apartment to rent out her mansion so she can begin to make payments. Peep the video from Empress Radio for more in depth info.

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