Mystikal arrested for another alleged rape.. again..

Former No Limit Soldier and rapper Michael “Mystikal” Tyler has been arrested yet again on rape charges. However, this isn’t the rappers first run in with the law for these types of accusations either. All I have to say is being in these type of high profile life styles bring certain types of energies along with it. However, and

unfortunately for Mystikal this won’t be his first go-a- round the mill for this particular type of situation for Mystikal and if he’s found convicted, Mystikal can get a bunch of time stemming from his prior rape convictions or accusations. Mystikal is currently facing Attempted rape, simple robbery, domestic abuse and battery, false imprisonment among other charges. Mystikal may very well have mental issues especially if he feels like he must assault a woman in order to be intimate with them?

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