Cardi B cancels show due to a security threat in Indianapolis

Super star Cardi B makes an executive decision and calls off an appearance that was supposed to take place in Banker Life Field House in Indianapolis 1 hour before showtime. Cardi B expresses her deep concern for her safety as well as the fans safety in a report from Variety. However, the Indianapolis Police says it was an unverified threat and there is no KNOWN cause for alarm and the threat is currently under investigation.

According to reports, Cardi B made it to sound check and was excited to be practicing a new dance move to show off on stage with. Some ticket holders speculated that Cardi.B ditched the show due to a Bernie Sanders televised debate. That speculation came about due to a tweet made earlier that day by the super star. The Indianapolis show was the 5th of the 6 arena show she’s doing on a mini tour. The reschedule date is September 11th 2019. All previous ticket purchases will be honored and other details will follow. For more in depth info:

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