Lizzo has a fantasy “BACHELORETTE” show in mind.. and it goes a lil something like this..

A quickly budding Rapper/Entertainer/actress Lizzo says that if she were ever to do the highly rated BACHELORETTE TV series show, she would have a few requests that be added in especially for her. She would want all the contestants to be in the nude, with thong briefs on for one request. Lizzo also requests that the men will have to feed her grapes. However, the other parts that she would want to be added, according to Page Six reports, can’t be shown on TV, so the network would have to be blur out some of the action! Lizzo also says “The children have to learn someday!” Lizzo is trying to pimp out prime time TV? What are your thoughts. Peep the vid for more in depth info:

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