Boosie arrested on FED Charges

Rapper Boosie Badazz has been arrested on FEDERAL charges. Sources say it was because of a video that showed Boosie with what looked to be a firearm on his hip. Carrying weapons are really a normalcy in the south but in Boosie’s case, because he is/was a convicted felon makes his situation a little different and a bit more harder for him to beat a case like that.

Boosie is 100% a fan favorite and we love to hear him speak good, bad or indifferent he can be very entertaining. However, all of the charges haven’t hit the airwaves as of yet. All we do know, and according to reports, He was detained once he left court after beating a gun possession charge.

Seemingly, Boosie had an idea that they were coming for him, so once he was detained he immediatley started to put his cars up for sale so he can fund his situation almost immediately after his arrest. The courts have denied his bond and saying that he is a flight risk and a menace in society.

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