Lil Baby under fire for “White Party pics”

Rapper lil Baby has been under fire for taking pics at a “who’s who’s” private white party event thrown by Billionaire Micahel Rubin . Why would anyone be under a microscope for attending a “white party” event? Well, famed rapper Lil Baby is under fire because of some of the pictures that were released of him having a good time. Also in attendance at the event were people like Jay-z and Beyonce, Meek Mill and DJ Khalid just to name a few but their pics weren’t displaying the same way Lil Baby’s pics were.

Why does it seem like Lil Baby is/was the only person that got caught “slippin” in the pics in a manor where in hip-hop is considered a “No-No”? Some speculate there is potential “funny business” going on or some would speculate that he was set up a type of way to see how he would handle this type of scrutiny. Or is media taking it to far? Are famed bloggers and journalists upset because they weren’t invited? Would outlets have the same idea in their heads as well?

Take a listen to DJ AKademiks and see what he says with more in depth info

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