Adam 22 goes viral for being a Cuck?

There is nothing wrong with being promiscuous or having a high tolerrance for sex. As of a matter of fact, what goes on in your bedroom should stay in your bedroom, if you don’t want to judged, but if you do choose to your business out in the atmosphere then you should be able to deal with what comes with it good or bad.

In this case, Adam 22, who is a famed podcaster and youtube influencer has very recently been candid about his personal relationship with his wife and mother of his child’s whom he has allowed to sleep with another man. However, Instead of keeping this personal stuff at home, he chose to be “open”. Adam 22’s wife already has an “only fans” platform in which he partakes in the “festivities” along with his wife but the scenarios only happen usually with other women, but this time, he allowed for things to go a step further.

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