YAYA Mayweather faces serious charges after allegedly stabbing NBA Young Boys childs mother.

Rapper NBA Young Boy whom is dating Legendary Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather jr.s daughter Yaya is currently facing some serious court charges for a stabbing assault on NBAs baby mother!

NBA Young Boy has been in some trouble in the past and has done jail time and has visibly shown the way that he treats his women. However, NBA must’ve had a talking to by an elder or whomever and thought of came to his senses once he was released from jail. He even went as far as getting a dog to take care of so he can learn how to care more thus leading up to him treating women better and staying out of trouble.

Welp, wasn’t long before he ended up disrespecting Floyd Mayweather, on camera, with his daughter at his side taking the side of her man… NBA Young Boy..

Now NBA young boys childs mother has taken to her social media and talks about the wounds that were inflicted on her. Then more footage surfaces of a hurt Mother in tears about the alleged assault by NBA put on her daughter.

NBA Young Boy needs help or to get put around some real OG’s that know how to respect women and for him to know how much women mean to Men.. Real Men

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