Woo & Choo members all being arrested under Federal charges

Seems like the gangs are under a little bit of pressure as of recent especially since the arrest of rapper Young Thug of the YSL investigation out of Atlanta and now what seems to be a domino effect going on. Currently, The Woo, which is said to be a gang that slain rapper Pop Smoke represented before his untimely demise and the Choo, which is also another alleged gang that was in “beef” with the Woo. Today, there are over 100 charges being brought up on 32 members of said gang(s) according to reports.

This case even includes an incident that involved a 3 year old child being wounded and nearly dieing by a gunshot wound in March of 2022. That particular incident happened at 6pm in the evening. After all is said and done. I’m sure that there is relief in the residence neighborhoods in Brooklyn that there are people that care about their neighborhood. Also notice that any case that hits the news, the majority end up in an arrest. Is that because of Police doing a great job or are people working together? Peep the clip for more info

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