Lights, Camera, Action….Respect Life is one of the hottest web series out right now. Based straight out of Brooklyn, NY with a cast full of dope young talent, this web series (now going into season 3) is something to talk about. Creator and star of the show Boom Pacino aka Melo (also known from the rap scene/Smack dvds etc.) plays a single father trying to live a drama free life but is stuck in the streets. He’s what I would call angel vs devil. He gives you inspirational advice in one hand and on the other he’s getting rid of anyone who gets in his way.

       Though he’s a cool laid back kind of dude, he can go from 0-100 real quick. The season 2 finale just aired a couple days ago and left everyone at the edge of their seats wanting more. The talent on this show is incredible and the story lines are on point. Not only are they everyday people (who either go to school or work 9-5 jobs) but they take the time out to help out a friend and give the audience something great to watch. The acting is not the only thing that’s impressive on this hit series but let’s talk about the music. From the opening of the show and all throughout the end of the episodes nothing but good music. You won’t hear nothing but good underground artist trying to be heard. Season 3 is currently being filmed as we speak…can’t wait to see what Melo has up his sleeve this time around…

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