Rapper Tory Lanez loses shooting Trial faces up 20+ years in prison.

If you didn’t know about female rapper Megan The Stallion and Canadian artist Tory Lanez shooting altercation by now you’ve been under a rock. However, really quickly, after a couple of years gone by, the court case has finally taken place and a guilty verdict on case has been proven. The entire ordeal has been a semi-circus and it almost seemed unreal because of so many different variations of the story had circulated before this day in court.

The trial has finally happened and a guilty verdict has been found on Tory Lanez and currently faces 20 plus years in prison. Some will speculate that there are “holes” in case that would potentially prove that Lanes could in fact be innocent in not being the actual shooter. The court reflected that Megan was shot and someone did it but unfortunately for Lanez and his legal team, they couldn’t prove that Tory didn’t do it. Tory Lanez was found guilty on all charges in the shooting of Meg The Stallion with a semi-automatic weapon.

Tory lanez Father

Tory Lanez will be now awaiting sentencing facing 20+ years. Others also speculate that because of recanted statements and disappearing witnesses may play a part in his sentencing according to reports. A very weird case indeed.

Currently and according to reports, Tory is gearing up on his lawyers for a major appeal battle and his dad whom was extremely upset but not at Megan but more at the judicial system and Roc-nation

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