Rapper Mase has choice words for Diddy post his Grammy acceptance speech.

Mogul Diddy receives an ICON life time achievement award from the Grammys. However,one would think that during an acceptance speech you would be congratulating people that helped you etc etc but Diddy did the opposite. In accepting his award, he made a big speech about the unfairness that the Grammies has shown to hip hop artists , its categories and ultimatily told the Grammies that they have 1 year to clean up “their” act.

Mase however begs to differ on Puffys statement and is lashing out saying “you can’t tell another entity to stop doing unfair things artists and you’re doing the same thing. Mase says he offered Puff $2million for his publishing back but Puff didn’t accept the offer. Music Publishing is a very strong and important component when it comes to an artists music and money.

Mases point is, how can one preach “Black Excellence” and at the same time be labeled as being one of the biggest crooks that was in music? Mase does have a point! Morally speaking. . This is a business on the other hand.

You buy a house/realestate as an investment. Buy low sell high.. this is the case. Puffy invested $2mill into your career. That investment allowed Mase to have classic hip hop material, a name that will last forever in hip hop history and that marks an era. The traveling, the shopping, the women and a bunch of other perks that come along with the lifestyle. Opportunities may have come and gone and Mase missed it and wasn’t privy to the business side of music. Keep in mind, this is all pre-internet. From a business side, is Puffy wrong? Knowing what Mase knows now when it comes to the business should he have came with a better offer? Or was he right to offer just the $2million

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