Media Day Mayhem is the whirlwind of Media for your brand!

Imagine having a brand that you’re passionate about but you don’t know where to start on actually getting the word out. Even better, what if you have a brand, talent, or a movie and you were given the opportunity to present your brand and the opportunity to talk about your brand in front of multiple media outlets, podcasts and influencers all in one day! Would you do it?!

Powered by Hoodmedia.NYC, Media Day Mayhem is a “sister brand” birthed from HoodMedia.NYC under the Blackfence Music Group umbrella.

Media Day Mayhem was founded in 2022 and has been deemed as a new aged creative agency that is designed to put you and your brand in front of some of New York City’s upcoming influential platforms, podcasts and thriving personalities!

The experience allows you to present your passion and interview with multiple media outlets and then Perform or present your passion live on stage!

Notice how we use the word ‘present’. The reason why is because we all know that good music is usually the conduit to an environment like this, however, the MDM agenda is 100% fitting for upcoming Web Series, Independent Movies, Independent book Authors as well as Indie Artists wanting and needing exposure for their projects.

The artist or the presenter can then perform or present their latest projects in front of a room full of media outlets waiting to tell their audience about the hottest singer, rapper, movie producer or whomever left a lasting impression on them!

Imagine your brand being talked about by a bunch of media outlets all at the same time!

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